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(E-RYT 200, RYT 500) Kristina began her yoga journey as a recovering college athlete—looking for a more mindful way to move her body. She has a passion for empowering people to accept themselves, cultivate their creativity, and connect with their own inner teacher. Through group classes, workshops, festivals, and social media—Kristina shares yoga, meditation, and energy healing with all who are willing, including athletes, youths, first-timers, aging yogis, and more.

Working with Kristina, you can expect to find confidence and peace—confidence that comes from approaching and overcoming new challenges, and peace as you accept and love yourself exactly as you are in the moment. Ideally, you’ll leave with a smile, too. 


  • Yoga Strength & Flexibility

  • Meditation & Breathwork

  • Establishing a Morning Routine

  • Embracing Positivity

  • Teen/Youths





Maria is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and certified Barre Instructor. A lifelong athlete, Maria competed at the collegiate level in basketball and cross country at the University of Illinois. In addition to teaching many local running clubs, she has taught rock climbing, windsurfing, and water skiing in Switzerland. These experiences have convinced her of the value of total body fitness. Passionate about movement, she is continuously researching new ways to to integrate creative exercises into routines. Her training programs help people feel their best while achieving their goals. She strives to transform an individual's exercise dread into confidence and results.


  • Cross-training

  • New Runners

  • Finding Exercise you LOVE




Dannah discovered Yoga in college as an outlet to relieve stress, find motivation, and re-center. Her passion for Yoga emanates from her background in nutrition as she believes that Yoga can help align the mind, body, and spirit to find a healthier state of being both on and off the Yoga mat.
The power of movement driven by breath has brought strength, self-discovery, and purity to her own practice; benefits she, in turn, imparts to her students. Dannah completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Island Salt Air in Galveston, Texas and is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200. Dannah’s teaching experience is with Hot, Bikrama, and Vinyasa style and believes the heated studio calms the mind while expanding the potential to find more depth in each posture.



Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Jenny is a graduate from the University of Illinois in 2010, using her broadcast journalism degree to pursue a career in athletics communication. She has always been an active person with a passion for fitness and wellness, stemming from a diverse background as a dancer, soccer player, runner and cheerleader. She is currently pursuing a lifelong goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states. What may seem like a lofty goal is also a fun escape and great way to travel and see the beauty throughout the United States. Always impressed with how welcoming the running community throughout the country is, Jenny strives to extend that sense of welcoming into everything she does. She was certified as a barre instructor in September of 2018, and loves to create fun, upbeat classes that leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer the next part of your day. Getting in a workout is a fun experience for Jenny and she wants to make sure that everyone who comes to her class has as much fun as she does!



Nomin is a former ballerina and NASM certified Personal Trainer and proudly holds a bachelors degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Due to her extensive training in ballet, she has learned to incorporate her ballet technique with her strength training to achieve lean muscle mass, balance, mobility, endurance and strength.

Nomin integrates her knowledge and experience to create individualized and innovative workouts and when working with her, you should expect to never repeat the same workouts and always be looking forward to learning different ways to move. Nomin truly believes that the most important meeting is with yourself and will dedicate herself to every individual to find a routine that is not only rewarding and effective, but also enjoyable.



Robyn L. Gobin, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and UIUC professor who is passionate about helping others improve their lives. Robyn specializes in women’s health and interpersonal trauma. She earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Oregon. Because mindfulness has been so impactful in her life, Robyn enjoys helping others explore the potential benefits of bringing mindfulness into their lives. Robyn has received extensive training in mindfulness through the UCSD (University of California San Diego) Center for Mindfulness. She has a Provisional Certificate of Qualification in MBSR.



Katie was first introduced to yoga in high school, but it wasn’t until college that she started developing her own practice. Over the years yoga was her constant through college, stressful jobs and moving around the country. She always wanted to learn more about yoga and had a strong desire to share it with others.

She completed her 200hr RYT in India where she gained a much deeper understanding of Yoga. She learned that it is not only a personal practice but a journey and a way to connect with others. She hopes you leave her classes with a sense of focus, balance and strength, both physically and mentally. Katie has recently moved to the Champaign area and is excited to become part of the local yoga community and Hatha Yoga and Fitness Team.



Christine is a certified yoga teacher, aerial arts instructor, and performance artist based in Urbana, Illinois. She has loved to move, dance, and play since her first dance classes as a child, and the meditation skills she learned at a young age have undoubtedly helped her face all of life’s ups and downs with perspective, gratitude, and grace. When she was introduced to yoga in 2009, she knew right away that this transformative and healing practice would be a life-long journey. She graduated from UIUC with a B.A. in Spanish Language and Translation in 2013, and began her Yoga Teacher Training shortly after. Christine draws from elements of the Ashtanga, Kripalu, and Kundalini lineages in her teaching and personal practice. She encourages students to connect with their inner guides and explore the practice in their own way, and she loves showing students that they CAN do what they previously thought impossible. When she’s not teaching yoga, aerial silks, dance, or fire performance, she can be found spinning hoops, eating fire, and standing on her head on stage with the C-U-based band Sun Stereo. Follow her on Insta @christinejanak and on Facebook: Christine Janak Yoga & Performance Art.



Lola began the practice of yoga on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while studying abroad in college. The combination of beach-fresh air, thousands of native fruits and vegetables, and the balancing effects of yoga gave her the BEST platform to believe in her truth. There, through yoga, she discovered self-love for the first time and has been fueled to preach and teach about it since.

In addition to being an experienced and 200-hr certified yoga teacher, Lola is an intuitive life coach and counselor, Reiki Master, EFT practitioner, and producer of her own essential oil skin care line, Glow by Lola. After receiving her Master’s in Bilingual Education, she discovered her love of teaching others how to heal themselves from within. Her teaching style is generally tender and fluid, with a large emphasis on calling the spirit back into the body. She channels and cues the elements of nature in all classes and her "special sauce" is her singing voice and aromatic essential oils. She loves to soothe students with sound and bathe them in love!


Jaclyn is a certified Hot 26 (Bikram method) and Hot Hatha Fusion yoga teacher. Jaclyn moved to Champaign in August 2019 after working for over a decade in fundraising and event planning. She has a Master’s degree in Theology from Boston University School of Theology. In 2019 she completed her Hot 26 teacher training certification through Breathe Cambridge in Massachusetts.
Jaclyn began practicing Vinyasa in heated studios after getting bored with working out at the gym. In 2011 she attended her first Bikram yoga class and began practicing several times a week. Bikram yoga helped her to cultivate focus and discipline in and out of the hot room. Even though every class is the same sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, to her own surprise, she still never gets bored.



Sam graduated from the University of Illinois in 2015 in Special Education and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Educational Policy, Organization, and Leadership. She is currently a full-time special education teacher. Aside from teaching, Sam is an avid yogi and lover of all things fitness and nutrition. Her go-to favorite yoga flow would be a highly energizing, strengthening, and upbeat flow, but yoga has also taught her to appreciate recovery, rest, and mindfulness as well. Yoga has helped Sam bring strength and balance into all aspects of her life, and she hopes to encourage the same for others.



Ulana is originally from Chicago and is currently a first year veterinary student at the University of Illinois. She first became interested in yoga as a way to strengthen her body and to also escape from the city chaos. Ulana really enjoyed the sense of community and the power she gained every time she walked out of a yoga class. In the Fall of 2016, she signed up for teacher training at Corepower in Chicago to become Yoga Sculpt certified and continued on to complete the Corepower Extensions program. Ulana has always used yoga and yoga sculpt to build and maintain muscle strength throughout her life. She highly advocates for the benefits yoga has had on preventing injury for her marathon and Ironman training. As a fun fact, Ulana considers herself a donut connoisseur and is most likely found scooping out the best donut spots around. When you come to Ulana’s Sculpt Flow class, expect high energy, throwbacks, and many squats.



Taylor grew up in Monticello, IL and graduated from Illinois State University with her degree in Organizational and Leadership Communication this past December. She is the Event and Volunteer Coordinator at Cunningham Children’s home in Urbana. She has always had a passion for fitness, health & helping others. Becoming a group fitness instructor was a dream of hers for many years, until she finally made it a reality in May of 2018 when she was certified as a Barre Above Instructor. She loves to bring upbeat music, electric energy, and a whole lotta sweat to the barre. Helping others get a great workout in and have fun, while practicing self love & becoming their greatest self is her goal in the class room. She looks forward to continuing her fitness journey and eventually becoming certified to teach other group fitness classes.



Kristin has taught medium to high level flows and hot flows in Champaign-Urbana for the past three years. Her teaching style emphasizes the importance of strength and flexibility for efficient every day movement. Success for Kristin means her students take the lessons of a yoga class into their daily activities; they notice when they should breathe more deeply at work, sit up straighter at breakfast, and, most importantly, allow their bodies and minds to recharge. Kristin's classes will help you learn to treat your body and mind like they are your best friends. And you'll get in a good workout too.



Mary has been practicing yoga since 1997 and teaching since 2001. She has studied with master yoga teachers from around the world. Mary has taken teacher trainings with various well-known instructors since 2001 (such as Deb Lister, Daren Friesen, Gary Kraftsow of Vini-Yoga, Seane Corn, Natasha Rizopolous, Scott Blossom, Ashtanga yoga teachers: Kino McGregor, and Lino Miele). She has been most inspired by several prana vinyasa flow teacher trainings with master yoga teacher Shiva Rea. Mary completed her Yoga Alliance Certification through Moksha Yoga School in 2007 and continues to take a regular pilgrimage. Committed to the process of learning, she believes that we are all students of what our life has to teach us. In 2012, Mary took an informal study of hot yoga with Bhakti Norma under the lineage of Bishnu Ghosh. She has loved how the practice of hot yoga has helped her cleanse and purify her body over the years. Sharing knowledge of yoga’s 5,000 year old tradition gives her great joy. She loves to incorporate the knowledge of the past (asanas, meditation, bandhas, mantra and mudras) with what is relevant in the here and now.

Mary is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and an accredited Thai Yoga Massage Therapist since 2005. “Lazy Man’s Yoga”, as it is referred to in Thailand, is a form of partner yoga that combines gentle stretching, acupressure, and breath work in one beautiful and meditative experience. The effects of Thai Yoga Therapy include more energy and a deep sense of relaxation.



Kia is an experienced yoga teacher, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer who teaches multiple formats, including Hatha, Power, and Vinyasa yoga. Kia started her yoga journey over twelve years ago and has engaged in various yoga training styles and workshops. Kia is formally trained in Kriya Yoga and is a proud graduate of the Sunstone Yoga Academy in Addison, Texas. She has managed the fitness and wellness programs at the University of North Texas, Texas A&M University-Commerce, and the University of Illinois. Prior to pursuing a fitness career at the collegiate level, Kia worked in television production and was freelance writer on topics of health and wellness. Kia holds several specialty certifications, is a master trainer for Barre above™ and a former competitive athlete and powerlifter. Kia leads workshops and teacher training courses around the country. Her focus is functional and purposely movement. Kia is committed to helping others live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a strong, fit, and balanced mind and body.



Valerie has been growing in her yoga practice since 2011. In the beginning, for her it was more about powering through the poses and ‘checking it off’ her weekly exercise schedule. In fact, the savasana time at the end of each yoga practice felt more like an “adult time out” than the meditative, relaxing state it is meant to be. Funny how the very thing she was trying to avoid (calmness and stillness of the body AND mind) was exactly what she needed. Valerie became a nurse in 1999 and has always had a passion for teaching. In 2009 she obtained her Masters in Nursing Education and began teaching the next generation of nurses. In 2016, Valerie graduated with her Doctorate in Nursing Practice. To celebrate the completion of her education journey, Valerie signed up for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica – specifically Marianne Wells Yoga School. This training certified her as a 200-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance – an internationally-recognized credential that she feels honored to have obtained. Valerie had no idea how much her yoga training would transform her life. For the first time, she experienced the calmness and stillness that yoga so generously offers and now has a passion for sharing that practice with others.




Anora recently relocated to Champaign from Jacksonville, FL. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2008 with a Master’s in Education. She taught in low income elementary schools in Jacksonville for eight years. She then went on to manage the learning and development for the customer service department of an online retailer located in Jacksonville. Regardless of age, she enjoys guiding people through the learning process and being a part of the moments when all their efforts result in a feeling of accomplishment.

Anora discovered yoga in the early years of her career. Her practice has helped her keep a calm demeanor even in stressful work environments. She loved sharing with her elementary age students ways to use their breath to calm themselves and refocus so that they could make smart choices. Anora is grateful to be at Hatha Yoga and Fitness where she can continue to foster a community focused on growth and learning.