Hatha Yoga & Fitness is a vinyasa-based studio that offers a variety of classes for all experience and energy levels. Whether you are looking for a vigorous, sweat-inducing flow or a mellow, restoring practice, Hatha has the class for YOU!



Flow Yoga is a Vinyasa-style, flowing practice, focused on building strength and flexibility, exploring dynamic tension for balance while connecting movement with breath. (offered HOT—see schedule)

Sculpt Flow is a cardio-strength based practice that incorporates yoga postures within a fitness form mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges, bicep curls and core, to challenge strength and stability. Feel free to bring a closed top, non-breakable water bottle with you in to the studio. 

HOT26 (L2-3) is the “Classic 26” series of yoga poses derived from the Ghosh lineage. It is practiced in a room heated to 104 degrees and the poses are preformed in a precise sequence, which build upon themselves. The series was created to warm the whole body allowing students to explore deeper into muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Each pose is meant to stimulate the mind while restoring and shaping the body.

Candlelight Yoga a tranquil yoga flow class, uniting mind, body, and breath by candlelight. This introspective offering strikes a balance between movement & stillness, strength & surrender and leaves you feeling open, refreshed, and connected to your own inner light.  

Prenatal Yoga is designed specifically for pregnant women to connect within using tools to build stamina, resilience, and calm to prepare for labor and motherhood. Plus, a great way to connect with others on a similar journey! With doctor/midwife permission, pregnant students are welcome to attend any class, please inform teacher how far along you are before class begins. 


Barre is a fun, fitness-based barre workout targeting both small and major muscle groups to develop strength, flexibility and stamina. Feel free to bring a closed top, non-breakable water bottle with you in to the studio. 

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is fast paced body weight cardio class designed to boost your metabolism and challenge your cardio fitness. Following the format of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest, this class flows though diverse movements that all have low impact modifications. Get ready to sweat!

Strength & Length encourages all levels to start lifting weights! Build strength while lengthening and stretching with a variety of mobility movements, bodyweight, and dumbbell exercises. This full body 45 minute workout will boost your metabolism, build strong bones, and burn body fat while maintaining muscle.


Mindful Morning Meditation offers an opportunity to start your day with ease by slowing down to find stillness in the body and exploring focus or calm in the mind. In the midst of the hurried pace of life, mindfulness meditationpractice gives you the capacity to replenish your spirit, release what no longer serves you, recover your balance, and build resilience. Each session will begin with a 20-40 minute group sitting meditation practice followed by time for reflection on the experience. Beginners welcome! Come as you are, no special fitness attire required, and chairs available if needed to find a comfortable seat.


Intensity Key

Not sure where to start with classes at Hatha? Classes are sorted by intensity level to help you decide! 


(L1) Classes

Least vigorous, offering a slow-paced and gentle approach with a focus on relaxation and basic movements. Appropriate for all levels.

(L2) classes

Mid-range, offering a mild challenge of strength and flexibility, through a balance of moderate flow and stabilizing postures.

(L3) classes

Most dynamic, offering a challenging combination of strength, flexibility and cardio, through a constant flow. Previous yoga experience encouraged.

HOT classes

Offered in a heated studio (80-95℉). Always wear comfortable clothing and be sure to come to class hydrated for the best experience. 


In addition to our weekly scheduled group classes,
we offer personal training and  workshops to further meet your needs.