What is Hatha?

At Hatha, we encourage a cultivation of balance in mind and body, through physical and mental practices of movement, breath, meditation and self-study. 

Through recognition of the power of opposites we can develop our own strength, mobility, and flexibility both inside and out, to reinforce a more balanced being.

In Sanskirt, the word Ha-Tha translates to Sun-Moon, meaning the Yoga or union of the solar and lunar energies that represent the duality within us all—masculine/feminine, yin/yang and beyond. At Hatha, we strive to explore this equilibrium and to live in our most connected state of being. Our classes will help you develop strength, mobility, and flexibility both inside and out, moving you ever closer to greater balance and well-being.

Hatha offers private and small group training and classes in our fitness, studio and outdoor space. Equipment and machines are only for supervised use and we do not offer any open gym or allow any uninstructed use of the space.

Take a peak inside our doors… (video)

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