Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy channeling technique that encourages deep relaxation and release, creating space for inner reflection, connection, and healing. During a Reiki Session clients rest comfortably, fully clothed, on a massage table while the Reiki practioner moves along the body using subtle hand placement and movements to encourage a balance of energy.

Reiki isn’t about ‘doing’ something but allowing yourself to move in to a place of being, in turn influencing your approach to the day to day, inviting more clarity and ease. Kristina focuses on the main energetic centers in the body, the chakras, to inspire balance of stagnant, sluggish, or intensified energies. When receiving Reiki, clients may feel a warming or a tingling sensation during (or following) the session. After Reiki sessions clients report a sense of relaxation, clarity, or invigoration, with an overall sense of pleasantness, connection, and ease.

Optional use of essential oils, crystals*, and conversation to aid in the session with client consent and at the discretion of the practioner.

60 MINUTES $75 by appointment

*some crystals available for purchase at conclusion of session for additional cost