At Hatha we want you to have the best experience possible, in addition to group classes, we offer personal training and private teaching to help you find the perfect balance.


One-on-One Training

30 MINUTES $40 •60 MINUTES $75

5  - 30 minute sessions $175
5  - 60 minute sessions $350

We offer personal training and private yoga.
Packages must be used by the same individual within 3 months.

Our individual fitness programming is created specifically for your body and current health and wellness goals. Together, we train your body to crave exercise and make fitness a habit. Each session is an opportunity to gain strength, decrease stress, and build confidence and joy. You never regret a great workout.

Each workout includes a combination of Interval Training, Strength Training, and Targeted Toning. By consistently challenging new muscle groups, you’ll feel and see results faster. Interval training accelerates your metabolic rate, burning fat faster, even after you’re finished working out. Strength training and toning exercises compliment cardio by improving power, balance, and flexibility, while also targeting specific muscle groups.

Small Group Training

60 MINUTES $120 •90 MINUTES $175

We offer personal training and private yoga for groups of 2-4 students. 

Group Training follows the same principles as individual training but with the benefit of being able to work as a team with friends, family, or loved ones. Working out as a group often increases motivation, stamina, and overall enjoyment. Group training will accommodate multiple fitness levels so everyone can benefit from a great workout. We highly recommend couples training as a way to kickstart a mutual healthy lifestyle goal.

Check out of Duo Membership option for another way to bring loved ones along on your fitness journey.  Group sessions are charged to one credit card.


Maximize your Training with packages! 

See images for details and call us to set up your sessions today. 

Personal Training Packages

Personal Training Packages

Group Training Packages