What's Your Balance?

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We had the opportunity to sit down with Hatha Yoga Teacher, Dannah, and ask her some questions about how she finds balance in her life. This is what we discovered:

Favorite stretch pose is pigeon pose, favorite strength pose is any arm balance 

Favorite sweet is ice cream, favorite green is arugula and baby kale

Favorite activity is YOGA, hiking, traveling or spending time with family, favorite way to relax includes baking/cooking, a book by the beach or a movie cuddled up in blankets 

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Autumn or Spring 

Mornings or Late Nights

Beaches or Mountains 

Chocolate or Vanilla

Movie or Book 

Call or Text

Dog or Cat 

Summer or Winter

City or Countryside 

Coffee or Tea

Tips and tricks on how I stay balanced: 

TIP #1: I try to stay hydrated throughout the day, which is something I usually struggle with. I like to set mini goals to achieve throughout the day. Sometimes I will even set an alarm on my phone to remind me to drink water!  

TIP #2: I love ice cream! So what I usually do to stay balanced with this is buy a pint of ice cream to keep in the freezer and only take a few bites at night to fulfill my craving. This helps me to limit from over indulging. 

TIP #3: I love to cook so finding fun and healthy recipes to cook at home vs. going out to eat. Cooking at home makes going out for meals a treat or something special to look forward to.

TIP #4: Throughout the day I use my fitbit to help me reach my step goal for each day. My fit bit will warn me if I am not on track so I intentionally will get up and move to get back on track. 

We absolutely loved getting to know more about Dannah and how she stays balanced in her day-to-day life! Stay tuned for more teacher features and learning how they find balance in their lives.

Alisa Greene