Rise & Shine — Morning Routines & September Promo

Do you have a morning routine? It's time! Morning routines have a direct impact on productivity, success, and happiness.

Excitingly, starting your day at Hatha, covers a lot of the bases!

Check out the list below of seven commonalities of successful people's morning routines: 

  1. Wake up early. 

  2. set goals.

  3. Work out.

  4. eat something nourishing.

  5. Find Gratitude.

  6. Meditate.

  7. connect with the community.

Read the full article here. 

We want to support you in your morning routine. Join us for 6AM classes in the Month of September and earn! For every morning class you attend receive $10 credit to Hada Cosmetic Medicine (earn up to $200!).

Kristina Reese